Celebrating Deadlines!

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Sometimes I need to take a little break from painting. I’ve been super busy with several portrait commissions, a magazine illustration and preparing for “The Dog Show” exhibit at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery in Asheville. I finally finished all my work and delivered everything to the frame shop. So I took a few days over the New Years weekend to catch up on paperwork, clean my house and pay attention to my neglected critters.

I may fret about making a deadline, but I always meet them. If I didn’t have deadlines I’d probably unnecessarily fuss with paintings and make them much more complicated than is needed.

Making the deadline for “The Dog Show” was hard and fun. And now that the work is delivered my own dog, Lucky, can stop shooting me those sad dog looks!


Lucky Eberhardt

I'm trying to spend the day painting and every time I turn around to check on Lucky - this is what I get - sad little dog stares! Breaks my heart!


When Duty Calls – Heck, I’m Happy to Paint Nearly Anything!

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Last weekend the collective force of horse enthusiasts at Bits & Bytes Farm (where my Thoroughbred, Bubba, lives) got together to paint the trot poles. Elizabeth picked out brilliant blue and green paint and we went to town.

The Bits & Bytes crew trades in horses for paint brushes

I normally paint with a very small watercolor brush. I was thrilled when Barry handed me a 2″ wide paint brush and one of those cans of wonderful color.

Working as an artist, one works in isolation – peace and quiet. So it was also fun to work with a team of painters. Of course jokes and poking fun are all par for course at the barn. And inevitably, someone breaks out the Mikes and cold beer which just ramps up the teasing a few more notches.

For those of you who don’t know about trot poles – they’re ten foot long wooden beams use to exercise the horses. They’re set in a line, a certain distance apart, depending on whether you’re trotting ( 4-5 feet) or cantering (about 12 feet). The trot poles help us teach the horses to keep a set pace, to stretch their stride (necessary of jumping), maintain balance and to simply have fun!

Bubba and I working with the trot poles before the new paint job

Painting trot poles was a pleasant change of pace for a warm spring afternoon in Georgia. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your photos!

How Am I Supposed to Work under These Conditions?

February 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

My cat Timmy sound asleep on my paints!
I’m trying to paint and not be distracted by the warm sunshine and pending spring weather. But how am I can I get anything done when my cat is sound asleep on top of my paint? Timmy snores something awful and has been know to fall off the edge of the counter in a sleep stupor. If only I could relax that completely!

Eberhardt Still NOT Working

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Started the New Year with an inspiring family vacation to beautiful Sanibelle Island, Florida. I am filled with renewed enthusiasm and hope to make significant strides with my art this year. Also spending a great deal of time reflecting on life and trying to regroup my spirit – shed things that are not positive influences on my life, simplifying my world, focusing efforts….

While at the beach I found encouragement through several “signs”. The first was literally a sign – a simple wooden plaque near the front door at the Sanibelle Beanery (yummy coffee shop on Periwinkle Drive). “Live a Good Life” by Abraham Lincoln. Exactly the wisdom I seek – there’s little to add to this brilliant statement.

The second inspiration is a book I purchased at the Ding Darling Wildlife Sanctuary. “A Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindburgh. I’ve only started to read it by it’s remarkable that the issues she contemplated while vacationing on the island are identical to my own – 80 years later. We think the world is so different from generation to generation, but her book reminds me that despite the physical changes in our modern world, people continue to struggle with the same philosophical concerns.

Today I look out my window at six new inches of snow when just three days ago I was walking along the shore in bare feet. I think about these bits of inspiration and the beauty of the beach and look forward to the changes and opportunities that the new year will offer. I hope the same for you!

Eberhardt NOT Working

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How can you work on Christmas when it has snowed in Atlanta for the first time since 1882? I couldn’t drive to spend the holidays with family but I also couldn’t stand to be inside the house. It snowed from 11 in the morning until the dark. So maybe I didn’t paint today but I will share the things in my life from which I am always inspired to paint. Particularly on a special snowy day, when the sound and light are gorgeous. I’ll think about the sounds and colors when I get out my paints tomorrow.

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Saturday Art Errands in Atlanta

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Barry owner of The Framery in Marietta. I shouldn't take photos without my glasses - sorry Barry I didn't realize you had your eyes closed!

Barry owner of The Framery in Marietta. I shouldn't take photos without my glasses - sorry Barry I didn't realize you had your eyes closed!

Last Saturday I drove nearly 100 miles running art-related errands and I decided to photo document my trip. First stop in Marietta to The Framery. Barry has been custom framing my work for nearly ten years. The Framery has a great selection of frames and Barry has a great eye for matching art and mattes and frames.

Leaving the Framery I headed to Decatur. Since the downtown construction was halted due to the rain, I decided to take the Connector through town. For 15 years I drove downtown to work and when it began to take 2 hours one way to commute, I couldn’t take it anymore. So I convince myself that going downtown now is a treat and not a chore. Yea, nothings changed – even on Saturday afternoon with no construction, traffic was backed up.

Saturday traffic on the Connector in Atlanta - no surprise for this x-commuter

Saturday traffic on the Connector in Atlanta - no surprise for this x-commuter

Eventually I made my way to downtown Decatur to drop off new work at The Seen Gallery. Bill Bibb and Amy Bradford are the gallery owners. They’ve been supportive of my work since day one. Earlier in the year, they moved to this new space near the Marta Station and business is thriving. It was nice to spend an hour chatting with Bill and hearing new of their other artists and upcoming exhibits. If you’re in Decatur, stop by the Seen Gallery.

Bill Bibb, The Seen Gallery in Decatur, gave me a tour of their new exciting space. I love being part of their gallery!

Bill Bibb, The Seen Gallery in Decatur, gave me a tour of their new exciting space. I love being part of this gallery!

Leaving the Gallery, I ran down the street to deliver paintings to my favorite couple and rabid collectors of my work – Martin and Lisa Flaherty. Martin and I worked together nearly 20 years ago. He and wife, Lisa, have been stalwart supporters of my work and I always appreciate their enthusiasm.

With evening approaching, I headed north again and was happy to see my art friends but also happy to be back home.

Lights! Camera! Action!

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What the heck is Steph shooting? I can't wait to see!

What the heck is Steph shooting? I can't wait to see!

I didn’t know what to expect when my friend Stephanie arrived yesterday with camera and audio equipment. Steph advised that I just go about my business and shortly, I wouldn’t notice that she was a few feet away snapping shots and video clips. I was skeptical….


but she was right. In no time, I was just visiting with my friend and forgot that we were working. A few times, I couldn’t tell what she was taking shots of. But I trust Steph’s artistic perspective and decided that seeing the result of her vision was the important element of this endeavor.

I can’t help but wonder what she found interesting about my work and studio and day to day goings on. I think my life is rather dull but I’m sure she’ll make it seem sparkly and wonderful.

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