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I was lucky to share 14 years of my life with a wonderful dog, Alex. Alex was a black lab and had a vocabulary of hundreds of words. He was a great duck hunting partner for my boyfriend, Chris. He was a day to day companion for me. I worked in advertising for many years and would only accept jobs that would allow Alex to come to work with me. He was a very special dog.

As he aged, he spent a lot of time under my drawing table. I began to include Alex (sometimes my other labs, Pumpkin and Francis) in every painting. It was my way to pay tribute to his company – to include him in my other passion – my paintings.

Alex had many human friends and I haven’t previously explained his role in my art. So I’ve included a few older paintings and wonder if you can find Alex?

Alex has been gone for many years but he’ll always hold a special place in my heart and in my art. You can read more about Alex at Aunt Mel’s Animals.

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The Booth Museum in Cartersville, Georgia

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Bronze Sculpture at the Booth Museum

Metal Horse Sculpture at the Booth Museum

The Booth Museum in Cartersville, Georgia

I love the Booth Museum! Today mom and I went to see the Ansel Adams photography exhibit. Of course it was breathtaking and inspirational.

The Booth Museum features contemporary western art but also has a great collection of movie memorabilia, native american indian arts and crafts, civil war art and a library of presidential portraits. The museum has only been open about 10 years and they’ve already funded an entire addition. I had not yet seen the new wing dedicated to contemporary work. As I’m embarking on new acrylic works, I was keen to study how other artist’s work in the medium. It’s great to get up close so you can see how color and lines and brush strokes are used.¬†

The museum is incredibly active. They host artist’s discussions, concerts, a huge spring BBQ and many trips so patrons have a chance to visit artist’s galleries and studios around the country.

A lovely way to spend an early spring day – at the museum!

Outdoor Sculpture at the Booth Museum

Finding Inspiration through Creative Friends

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I find inspiration for my work through many avenues but one of the most fulfilling is through the successes of my friends. I have a great group of creative friends, I’m very lucky. I don’t get to see them as often as I like, but every visit is rejuvenating and exciting and inspiring.

Today, mom and I went to Monroe, The Monroe Art Guild, to see the first solo photo exhibit of my friend, Stephanie Roberts. Steph, like me, lives in the country side on a farm and has been striving to be a full time artist. Our professional and artistic pursuits run on parrallel paths but for Steph, photography and video production are her passions (though she is also a great painter and writer).

Stephanie Roberts, photographer and video artist, regales mom with the stories behind some of the images in her solo exhibit at the Monroe County Art Guild

Stephanie Roberts, photographer and video artist, regales mom with the stories behind some of the images in her solo exhibit at the Monroe County Art Guild

Steph’s photos are intimate studies of color, composition, texture and humanity. Her solo exhibit focuses on a series of daily photos – 365 shots. Everyday she took photos that capture the beauty of our world. Steph is staying busy shooting video and soon embarks with¬†shutter sister, Jen Lemen, on a series of photo expeditions around the world – sponsored by Levano and Microsoft. Their proposal to capture “Pictures of Hope” was selected from hundreds of submissions.

Every visit with Steph is creatively rewarding and rejuvenating. I can’t wait to see her next series of work!

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