Two Portraits for One Special Horse – Legend of Fire

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Portrait of Legend of Fire and Darylene Rascati

Second Portrait of Legend of Fire and Darylene Rascati (for Darylene’s sister, Alice)

This rainy afternoon, I met my friend Daryleen Rascati at the barn where she boards her beautiful chestnut gelding, Legend of Fire. Since buying my retired race horse, Bubba, I’ve met an incredible group of horse friends. Friends with a common interest who are gracious with their time, advice, opinions, humor; friends who never hesitate to offer a hand, tack and even trailers all in the interest of our horses. Its a wonderful community.

Among my wonderful horse friends is Daryleen. She helps Bubs and I with her encouragement and enthusiasm and we’ve grown as a team because of her input. So when Daryleen mentioned that she enjoyed my artwork – I was thrilled because now I had a special way to show my gratitude by painting a portrait of her horse, Legend.

Daryleen and her sister Alice actually co-own Legend. They work hard training and planning for shows. Their hard work has paid off last summer when Legend qualified to compete in the National Sport Horse competition in which he did wonderfully. This summer Team Legend has already secured several show championships and set a new personal best dressage score – and its early in the show season – more great things to come.

So on this rainy Georgia Sunday, I enjoyed driving out to meet Daryleen and Legend. As she brushed him, the barn swallows swept past and the 20 year old barn cat rubbed against my legs. Legend stood quietly enjoying the attention – and brushing. I’m not sure that he was very impressed with my artistic interpretation but Daryleen was all smiles.

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