Celebrating 40 Years of Marriage

May 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Celebrating 40 years of Marriage!

Friend Laura Crawley and her sister, Stephanie Leonard, recently commissioned a portrait of their parents to celebrate the momentous occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary. The direction was simple, feature the parents but incorporate their 4 grandchildren, their love of quilting, music, reading, religion and the great state of Texas!

When Laura suggested using a quilt in the background – the wedding ring patterns – I immediately pictured the composition. I painted the grandchildren, very simply, sleeping under the quilt. The grandparent’s arms are entwined like the pattern of the quilt. In the foreground I wanted a simple pattern – yellow rose of Texas and I added a few blue birds for interest.

When I met Laura to deliver the painting, I explained how I had approached the painting and use of color. When I mentioned the bluebirds she smiled and said “I don’t remember telling you about bluebirds, did I?” I said “No, I just thought they would add quiet interest to the roses.” Unbeknownst to me, Laura’s mother has a much cherished collection of bluebird figurines that were HER mother’s passion. We both got goosebumps – strange coincidences often occur when I work on these portraits.

I really enjoy working on these portraits! So thank you Laura and Stephanie for your commission!





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