Retiring This Blog!

January 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

Bad News
I have retired this blog and will no longer be updating it.

Good News
Instead, I’ve redesigned my website, incorporating all these posts under the heading “NEWS”.

Thank you for following and visiting eberhardtworking and I hope you will continue to stay in touch via my site! Its way cooler!



November 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Hot Chocolate, MMMM”

I decided to have a Holiday Art Sale this year. 30 pen and ink illustrations for only $30 each and FREE delivery!

Click to my shopping cart and be certain to check the “All” category on the landing page to see all available drawings – and a few paintings as well.

The sale ends December 9, 2012.

And if you LIKE my Facebook Page, you will always receive a 24 hour advance notice on future sales – and of course, its a way to keep apprised of my latest art news.

I hope you’ll consider giving art as a gift this holiday season. The tough economy is especially difficult for artists and I encourage you to make at least one purchase of original art from some artist – a photograph, a piece of jewelry or pottery. And hopefully one of my own pieces will make a nice gift for a friend or loved one.

Creating a NickerDoodle – Step by Step

August 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ve been working on NickerDoodles for several months and for several different sources; Bits & Bytes Farm, and the GDCTA Newsletter, “Collected Remarks”.  I enjoy my horses and my horse friends, so doing NickerDoodles is a joyful task.

A few people have asked how I come up with ideas so I thought I’d share the development of a recent issue – Steve and Fred, two horse flies that accompany their friend, Horse, who competes at the London Olympics.

I wanted to do a special, short run series of NickerDoodles to celebrate the Olympics. I knew immediately that I didn’t want to feature a horse or rider, that’s a little too obvious. I thought about a groom or the parent of someone competing but wasn’t really inspired by either idea. I settled on horse flies after coming home one afternoon to find my horse, Kain, standing at the fence with a huge swollen horse fly bite in the middle of his face. Poor fella, but Kain’s booboo inspired, Steve and Fred.

I spent a few hours doodling to create the characters. Once settled on Steve and Fred’s characters, I start making thumbnail storyboards of cartoon strips. This particular example is the second or third issue. Steve and Fred are in London and attend the opening ceremonies only to be unceremoniously, but predictably, swatted by the athletes.

Each strip starts with rough sketches and copy or conversational notes in my sketch notebook. I seldom leave the house without a sketchpad. Ideas for paintings pop into my head all day and it’s handy to have a place to make a quick note. My sketchpads are an assembly of scribbles and words, non-sensicle to anyone, but like a bible to me.

Using the scribbles as a base, I draw a more refined version on tracing paper with a soft pencil. I use the same tracing paper to transfer the line drawing to good paper. At this point, I seldom make significant changes. The line drawing pretty much represents the final inked piece.

Once transferred to good paper, I grab the rapidiographs and ink, adding shadows and texture where needed. Assembling the individual frames is simply production work – scanning and Photoshop and – a new NickerDoodle is ready to post!

Two Portraits for One Special Horse – Legend of Fire

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Portrait of Legend of Fire and Darylene Rascati

Second Portrait of Legend of Fire and Darylene Rascati (for Darylene’s sister, Alice)

This rainy afternoon, I met my friend Daryleen Rascati at the barn where she boards her beautiful chestnut gelding, Legend of Fire. Since buying my retired race horse, Bubba, I’ve met an incredible group of horse friends. Friends with a common interest who are gracious with their time, advice, opinions, humor; friends who never hesitate to offer a hand, tack and even trailers all in the interest of our horses. Its a wonderful community.

Among my wonderful horse friends is Daryleen. She helps Bubs and I with her encouragement and enthusiasm and we’ve grown as a team because of her input. So when Daryleen mentioned that she enjoyed my artwork – I was thrilled because now I had a special way to show my gratitude by painting a portrait of her horse, Legend.

Daryleen and her sister Alice actually co-own Legend. They work hard training and planning for shows. Their hard work has paid off last summer when Legend qualified to compete in the National Sport Horse competition in which he did wonderfully. This summer Team Legend has already secured several show championships and set a new personal best dressage score – and its early in the show season – more great things to come.

So on this rainy Georgia Sunday, I enjoyed driving out to meet Daryleen and Legend. As she brushed him, the barn swallows swept past and the 20 year old barn cat rubbed against my legs. Legend stood quietly enjoying the attention – and brushing. I’m not sure that he was very impressed with my artistic interpretation but Daryleen was all smiles.

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Celebrating 40 Years of Marriage

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Celebrating 40 years of Marriage!

Friend Laura Crawley and her sister, Stephanie Leonard, recently commissioned a portrait of their parents to celebrate the momentous occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary. The direction was simple, feature the parents but incorporate their 4 grandchildren, their love of quilting, music, reading, religion and the great state of Texas!

When Laura suggested using a quilt in the background – the wedding ring patterns – I immediately pictured the composition. I painted the grandchildren, very simply, sleeping under the quilt. The grandparent’s arms are entwined like the pattern of the quilt. In the foreground I wanted a simple pattern – yellow rose of Texas and I added a few blue birds for interest.

When I met Laura to deliver the painting, I explained how I had approached the painting and use of color. When I mentioned the bluebirds she smiled and said “I don’t remember telling you about bluebirds, did I?” I said “No, I just thought they would add quiet interest to the roses.” Unbeknownst to me, Laura’s mother has a much cherished collection of bluebird figurines that were HER mother’s passion. We both got goosebumps – strange coincidences often occur when I work on these portraits.

I really enjoy working on these portraits! So thank you Laura and Stephanie for your commission!




New Group Exhibit “Animal House” Opens June 4!

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Its incredibly flattering to be invited to participate in a group exhibit. Of course, I immediately agreed to participate in “Animal House” an exhibit about animals organized by the Cabarrus Arts Council, Concord, NC (near Charlotte). And its nearly time for opening night!

The exhibit is an assortment of artist’s using a variety of techniques in their depictions of animals. Sculpture, painting, ceramics, handmade dyed rugs, quilting and painted x-rays will all be featured. You can preview participating artists by clicking here.

I submitted smaller pieces at a price point of less than $500 each. I always hope to sell a few to recover my expenses, so fingers crossed! The exhibit runs through July  26. Let me know if you’re able to see the show!

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A Plethera of Portraits!

May 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

2012 will be the year of commissioned portraits! I am currently working on 5 different portraits – and I’m happy as can be! Each portrait is unique and challenging – show horses, fuzzy dogs, sisters, parents, grandkids…. Its so fun to collaborate and work the details into a composition.

Just approved, this sketch for a parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. Most of my figurative work is simplified to an almost abstract form, with a portrait, i have to characterize the figures so they actually look a little like the real person. If I didn’t, then it wouldn’t be a portrait. I don’t use facial features in my regular work, but I love to paint eyes and I enjoy that little detail a great deal.

For this piece I incorporated grandchildren, a wedding ring quilt pattern, the Texas Univerisity long horn steer mascot, a love of books and music within a universal “we are Texans!” theme. All good stuff! I’ll post a complete story when this piece is finished.

Portrait sketch

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